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 - sample MENU -


—  first bites  —

from the first bite, awaken your taste buds. let the FEAST begin.
whilst sipping on cocktails, grab a first bite as it is carried around…
grab a soup shooter, a pick, a spoon, a fork or a shell.


A Pick

spiced meatballs   
chorizo & feta
garlic mushrooms
prosciutto & melon   
 gravlax & cucumber   
 Tenterfield lamb, burghul and za’atar 

A Spoon

spiced caramelized pork
ceviche of local snapper, lime, coriander & chilli
 peking duck, cucumber and shallot 

A Shell

spanish style mussels
 xo pippies
oysters your way
seared scallop, cauliflower and puffed rice 


—  use your hands—

roll up your sleeves & get involved.
skewered, sliced, dipped or dunked -
whichever way, keep FEASTing!


 A slice of

tomato, bocconcini & basil tart
tortilla de patatas
prosciutto & rocket pizza

A dunk it

spiced empanadas
prawn gyoza

A dip it

a selection of nori rolls
pulled pork & cabbage taco
house made sausage rolls

A skewered

kashmir yoghurt lamb
yakatori style chicken
spiced korean beef 


Please download our full menu to see shared platters and our festival food bar options